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"Be Discerning About Online Dating"

Date added : 12 July 2011

Dating sites have been a wonderful by-product of the online networking generation. They have enabled thousands to find partners, love and companionship. Whether you are an online dating devotee or a relative newbie to the circuits, finding the right site for what you want is crucial. Niche sites are beginning to pop up with a greater frequency as people realise that going directly to a potential source can save huge amounts of time. They allow users to go straight to pages of appropriate singles if they are looking for a specific type of person, or someone with particular qualities.

As a small sample, there are sites available for single parents, for the affluent, for the University-educated. Now, there is a site for the beautiful. At Beautiful People we offer users the chance to vote on every new applicant to the site, eventually granting them access or turning them away. This is achieved with a democratic voting process, conducted across a 48-hour period, in which users rate the applicant’s profile. By taking a large number of individual votes, we allow beauty to remain in the eye of each beholder. If you are an applicant, you can monitor your progress and see how many positive votes you have received.

Our approach to online dating is in line with other niche sites. Why, if you know what you are looking for, waste your time on more general sites, hoping to stumble across the perfect somebody? They could be already waiting for you on dating sites such as Beautiful People.

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