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"Making dating beautiful"

Date added : 13 September 2011

With more people using dating websites than ever before, they've become far more than what they once were. While plenty of people still use them in the traditional way, meet the love of their life and settle down to a happy marriage or civil partnership, they've become far more than just a matchmaking service. There are now specialist sites of all kinds, including some less-than-subtle ones including websites for adulterers, websites to connect sugar daddies with sweet young things half their age, and even sites for people who like a man (or woman) in uniform! At, we're pretty honest about what we're about; we want to unite pretty girls with handsome men, or indeed pretty girls with other pretty girls, and handsome men with other handsome men! And we've attracted some attention since we opened, to say the least... However, we believe that we're the best place for beautiful people to go to be themselves, flirt, date, and maybe meet that special someone. Or someones...

If you've always been told you're good-looking, and especially if you're attractive in an unusual or unconventional way, then could be far more than just a dating site to you. Because we market ourselves exclusively to the cream of the crop, we attract interest from agents and agencies on a regular basis. So discover if you're looking for work as a model, actor or extra, and you might just be discovered right back.

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