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Why Disillusioned Daters are Turning to

Many people have become disillusioned with using mainstream dating websites - it can be an uphil battle trying to find an attractive partner. Most sites allow anyone to join and offer little in the way of filters based on desirable physical appearance. Although many people might not care to admit it, physical attraction is a very important aspect of any relationship, and using dating websites which fail to recognise this criterion makes the task of finding that special someone much harder.

Thankfully, there is now a dating site available where physical attractiveness is not only recognised but also appreciated. Originally launched in Denmark in 2001, is an online dating service which focuses on how attractive users are, based on the opinions of its established community members. Aspiring members of submit a photo of themselves when they sign up and during the 48 hours following the creation of their account, their photo will be rated by established BeautifulPeople community members of the opposite sex. Community members can give a new applicant one of four ratings: “Yes definitely”, “Hmm yes, OK”, “Hmm no, not really” or “No definitely NOT”. A new member is only admitted only if established members give them a positive rating on his or her photo.

With more than 750,000 members around the world, BeautifulPeople is proof that people want to enjoy a dating service where the importance of natural physical attraction is recognised and encouraged. For more information, browse our pages here at

16 May 2011

Bring your friends along

Like almost anything in life, dating websites are more fun with friends around. It's great to have someone you already know to gossip with and the opinion of a good friend can come in handy in more than one way. Your friends will be able to tweak your profile in directions you might not have thought of and they'll be able to pick out photos that make you look more attractive.

Sharing opinions on potential online dating partners is also fun. If you're not sure about a match one way or the other, asking a friend is the ideal way forward. They can help you make up your mind and may spot something you didn't think of, positive or negative.

Two friends using the same dating websites can also double date when it comes time to meet up in person. That makes the process of meeting strangers much safer and it takes some of the pressure off. You can be sure that you'll get along with at least one person on your big night out, and having a friend along is a great idea for shy men and women, just to provide a little extra moral support.

So if you're thinking about online dating, why not team up with one or two single friends and try it together? Even if none of you finds the love of their life, you'll still have a good time and have plenty to talk about. There is nothing to lose, so ask your friends and see who is interested in joining up with you.

10 June 2011

Internet dating and compromise

Every woman would like to find a gorgeous guy with a great car, a highly-paid job, gleaming muscles, perfect hair, a generous nature and a wonderful sense of humour. Every guy wants a beautiful woman with an incredible sense of style and sophistication. Everyone would love a partner who likes the same kind of music and has the same favourite food, but, as our mothers always say, nobody is perfect. Finding someone who ticks all those boxes isn't easy.

Just how much should you compromise your idea of the perfect partner? One of the great advantages to using dating sites is that there are thousands of potential mates to choose from. The more people there are, the more likely it is that the perfect guy or girl will be in the mix somewhere.

The first few profiles you see on dating sites probably won't be absolutely everything you want in a partner - or at least, they won't appear to be. However, you should always remember that internet dating profiles aren't the whole story. A person's profile may not do them justice, and by skipping over it you might lose the chance to find out that the owner is incredibly funny or that they've always wanted to travel to Paris, just like you.

There is no need to compromise when internet dating, but it is important to give people a chance. If in doubt, send a message and see what happens. If the reply isn't what you hoped for, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

14 June 2011

Bored of the club scene

Not everyone loves clubbing. Sure, the thumping music and expensive cocktails can be fun sometimes, but as a way to meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend the club scene leaves a lot to be desired. First off, it's dark in there, so a person that looks luscious in their makeup and best going-out clothes may not look so gorgeous in broad daylight. Dating someone you met in the dark can be a rude shock.

Secondly, night clubs are by nature loud. They're great places for dancing but not so great for conversation, and while dating someone with fantastic moves is good fun, it'll soon wear thin if you don't have more in common than that. Sooner or later you'll want to do more than just dance.

Dating websites are completely different. Online you usually get to see at least one or two pictures, so you have a fair idea what the guy or girl actually looks like in a good light, and it's all about conversation. Whether you chat or exchange messages, it's easy to get an idea about whether or not you have a similar attitude and enjoy similar things.

There is one other advantage dating websites have over clubs: it's very clear what a potential date's intentions are. In a club, it's hard to figure out whether they're just flirting, have a girlfriend or a boyfriend already, and even whether they're gay or straight. Online, all the information you need is there up front. It saves a lot of time and quite a bit of needless embarrassment.

18 June 2011

Honest online dating

It can be quite tempting to bend the truth a little sometimes, and on dating sites that's doubly true. After all, who will know if a guy adds a couple of inches to his height or a woman uses a picture that's a few years old and no longer quite so accurate?

The answer is nobody when you first start out in the online dating world, but sooner or later it'll be time to move off the internet and into the real world. Then there is no way to hide the truth, and worse, you'll have to own up to the deception. A little white lie or two may not seem like much, but in the early stages of any relationship trust is vitally important.

The last thing you want to do is spend hours chatting with someone online, getting to know them and (sort of) letting them get to know you, only to meet up and show them something they weren't quite expecting. It's no good investing time and emotional energy in online dating only to encounter problems when you meet up in the real world.

Being completely honest on dating sites is a good policy. Don't sell yourself short but don't build yourself up too much either. It'll save you from wasting time with people who aren't interested in the real you, and when Mr or Mrs Right does come along, being honest from day one gives you the best chance of a stable and fulfilling long-term relationship.

28 June 2011

Be Discerning About Online Dating

Dating sites have been a wonderful by-product of the online networking generation. They have enabled thousands to find partners, love and companionship. Whether you are an online dating devotee or a relative newbie to the circuits, finding the right site for what you want is crucial. Niche sites are beginning to pop up with a greater frequency as people realise that going directly to a potential source can save huge amounts of time. They allow users to go straight to pages of appropriate singles if they are looking for a specific type of person, or someone with particular qualities.

As a small sample, there are sites available for single parents, for the affluent, for the University-educated. Now, there is a site for the beautiful. At Beautiful People we offer users the chance to vote on every new applicant to the site, eventually granting them access or turning them away. This is achieved with a democratic voting process, conducted across a 48-hour period, in which users rate the applicant’s profile. By taking a large number of individual votes, we allow beauty to remain in the eye of each beholder. If you are an applicant, you can monitor your progress and see how many positive votes you have received.

Our approach to online dating is in line with other niche sites. Why, if you know what you are looking for, waste your time on more general sites, hoping to stumble across the perfect somebody? They could be already waiting for you on dating sites such as Beautiful People.

12 July 2011

Dare To Try Different Dating Websites

Are you fed up with the same old dating websites, filled with people who are wasting your time? We are. Online networking and dating have become an integral part of modern life, both for business and for pleasure, but the sites which offer these services can become overcrowded. You may have switched off the chat function on your favourite networking sites once or twice to avoid people that you just aren’t interested in talking to.

We are pressed for time, with busy working schedules, and don’t want to fritter away our evenings batting off outrageous advances from people we don’t see ourselves dating. All kinds of factors are important in ensuring your compatibility with another person, but the first hurdle is the most important one. You must find your potential partner attractive. Beautiful People has been built on this premise.

The existing users cast their individual votes on each applicant to the site, a new, democratic policy for dating websites which allows each applicant a fair chance at success because different people find different things attractive. Due to the nature of the site, it can also be a great networking environment for aspiring models, with scouts always on the lookout for billboard-worthy faces.

Signing up to apply is quick and simple, even for those who aren’t too hot technologically. Set up an interesting profile which represents you fully with a clear picture of yourself and see what happens! Remember that there are all kinds of beautiful, so why not give it a try?

14 July 2011

Get Access to Internet Dating Glamour

Social networking has been steadily on the rise throughout the last decade, turning ‘log in time’ into a pivotal part of the day for thousands. A variety of sites have brought this method of communication to the fore, with pages which connect professional who work in the same field, those offering forums for like-minded individuals, those which bring friends together from across oceans, to the innovative internet dating revolution.

Of course, the beauty of the internet’s abundance can also be its curse, and sometimes, quieter places to exist online are preferable. Signing up to open sites can end with you being bombarded with spam messages, joke offers and more from time-wasters, whether you are looking for a business partner, an old friend, or a new partner.

Sites like Beautiful People can make it easier to sift through this nonsense, found frustratingly often online. Different to other dating sites, we offer a more discerning environment to our users. Not only this, but our site has become a hotspot for sassy, savvy networkers. The principle is a simple one. When you sign up to our site, you are not automatically granted access to thousands of singles as some dating sites promise (or their hundreds of timewasters, as they forget to mention), but put through a straight forward voting process.

To try our new take on internet dating and networking sites, upload your image and fill out your details. If our existing users would like to get to know you better: you’re in!

20 July 2011

Dont Waste Your Time Be Intelligent About Internet Dating

If the world of dating is scary, the world of internet dating is even more petrifying. In a forum where anybody can be whatever they choose, websites devoted to Would Like To Meets can become potentially perilous places indeed.

Online identities are not infallible and we have all heard horror stories of individuals using photographs of themselves from over fifteen years ago to promote themselves. At we hope to eliminate this kind of false advertising and encourage a what you see is what you get environment for attractive individuals.

So how can we promise that all you’ll find on our site are the aesthetically gifted? It’s simple. We let our existing users decide who should be permitted access to our active, interactive community, bringing democracy to dating with a voting system which determines who is in and who is out. Applying is free and straightforward.

You can stick with the basics, simply inputting your gender, location, orientation, height, weight, eye colour and other essentials, or elaborate further by embellishing your profile with details about your literary and cinematic favourites, for example.

In our society, time is precious. Busy with work and other commitments, you may only be able to afford a few minutes’ browsing on internet dating communities each day. By ensuring that you are signed up to a site with only other attractive people, you can avoid wasting time scrolling through people who may not interest you. Similarly, you can also escape the barrage of unreturned interest which can become overwhelming on more open sites. 

28 July 2011

The Instinct of Physical Attraction

Many people pride themselves on the fact they appreciate human beings for their character rather than for their looks. However, if these same people were to take a really good look at themselves they might uncover a slight degree of hypocrisy. They could ask themselves why they find themselves making conversation with physically attractive people when speed dating while ignoring more unattractive ones? They could ask why their head is turned when they see an athletic member of the opposite sex jog by them?

Why indeed?


You see, despite most people's noble ideals of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, we are all susceptible to certain physical characteristics that make some humans more desirable than others. This does not make us superficial people – it simply makes us honest appraisers. As civilized as we may be, human beings are still animals; and looking for a physically attractive partner is nothing more than human instinct.


There are some aspects we all find attractive. Studies have found that men are attracted to women with features that imply youth and fertility, such as a low waist-to-hip ratio, full lips and soft facial features. Women on the other hand are attracted to dating men who have tight bodies, broad shoulders, good skin and masculine facial features, as these aspects often illustrate sexual potency and good genes.

So why aren’t these attractive people ever on dating websites? Well, they are - just not at the dating websites you’re used to.

11 August 2011

Celebrating physical attraction is an online dating phenomenon that is focussed solely on the social, romantic and interactive needs of people who are judged by their peers to be physically good-looking. It is the first global networking website of its kind to offer membership to an exclusively beautiful community.

BeautifulPeople came into being after it became clear that people that physically attractive people were getting increasingly frustrated with traditional online dating sites when trying to find a suitably attractive partner. These sites had no restrictions regarding physical appearance yet had next to no amenities available for users to search through potential partners based on their looks. Despite what many people may choose to say out loud, physical attraction is essential when looking for a romantic relationship, so it was only natural that a dating website should be made available that celebrated the importance of this integral aspect. And so, BeautifulPeople came into being in Denmark in 2001 and since then it has developed into a globally recognised phenomenon that now has over 750,000 members.

Application and benefits

The BeautifulPeople application process really is very straightforward. Potential members simply submit a photo and profile, and then let existing members of the opposite sex vote in a 48 hour process to determine whether or not they find the applicant ‘beautiful’ or not. Once an applicant has been accepted, they gain access to a wealth of dating and networking opportunities such as exclusive parties and business events.

14 August 2011

More about BeautifulPeople is an internet dating phenomenon that has developed into the largest network of attractive people in the world. The aim of the site has always been to create a global community for people who are universally recognised as being physically attractive, and with current membership levels numbering around 1 million people, this ambition has already been very successfully reached.

How it works is a free to use internet dating site. All potential members need to do to apply is submit a photo and a brief profile, and over the next 48 hours, existing members of the BeautifulPeople dating network will vote according to how ‘beautiful’ they believe the applicant to be. Existing members can rate applicants as either: 'Yes definitely', 'Hmm yes, OK', 'Hmm no, not really' or 'NO Definitely NOT'. Male members vote on female applicants and female members vote on male applicants. Applicants can see how their application is going at any time by viewing a graph that swings between red and green depending on how they are being judged. This process is completely democratic and therefore, the majority vote is final.

How to join

It is free to sign up to the BeautifulPeople dating network and the process itself takes no more than five minutes to complete. All that is required is a short profile and a recent photograph, although it should be pointed out that any photographs that look a little suspicious will be thoroughly checked by the BeautifulPeople head office.

17 August 2011

Where are all the Beautiful People

This is a question that attractive people have had to ask for far too long. Well, the answer is now very simple – they are all online at BeautifulPeople is an internet dating community that has been established for the purpose of creating personal and professional relationships among people who are acknowledged by their peers as being physically attractive.

How do I join?

Well, first off; be honest with yourself. If you know that you are not the most even-looking of people then it is fair to say that BeautifulPeople will not be the most suitable dating site for you. However, if you believe you have the attributes needed to successfully apply then joining could not be simpler. All you need to do is upload your profile so that existing BeautifulPeople members of the opposite sex can vote on whether they believe you to be ‘beautiful’ or not. This democratic process lasts for 48 hours and as long as you get enough positive votes, you will receive full membership to the BeautifulPeople dating network.

What are the benefits?

The most significant benefit of joining BeautifulPeople is that you will get to meet and interact with some of the most attractive people, both locally and from around the globe. You will also receive invites to all of the best exclusive events and parties, and get to explore exciting new business and employment opportunities.

Explore our pages further to find out more about the internet dating phenomenon that is BeautifulPeople.

26 August 2011

Dating your way

More people than ever before are taking the plunge and making the choice to look for potential partners using dating sites. Many emerge as success stories, while many more just enjoy the chance to flirt, date and have fun. However, there is a still a certain stigma attached to dating websites. With people submitting old, too-flattering or simply false pictures and anyone at all permitted to join, there is a feeling among young, good-looking singles that dating websites are entirely too non-exclusive, leading to a free-for-all. This suggests that people who like to date online do so because they couldn't meet anyone in the real world, or to be clear; face-to-face. This simply isn't the case. Plenty of attractive, intelligent sociable people use dating websites to broaden the net a little when searching, because they don't have time to play the numbers game due to job pressure, or simply because it can be great fun.

Here at, we've changed the rules. Our dating website is for great looking men and women only, meaning that like meets like, and hopefully everyone goes away happy. We're right for you if you've always been complimented on your looks and want to narrow the field without seeming unkind or unfair. After all, isn't it your choice?

So why not join us today? We're sure you'll make the cut, and that means you'll then have the chance to vote aspiring members in or out, meaning that you'll be helping us to keep dating the way it should be: beautiful.

4 September 2011

Making dating beautiful

With more people using dating websites than ever before, they've become far more than what they once were. While plenty of people still use them in the traditional way, meet the love of their life and settle down to a happy marriage or civil partnership, they've become far more than just a matchmaking service. There are now specialist sites of all kinds, including some less-than-subtle ones including websites for adulterers, websites to connect sugar daddies with sweet young things half their age, and even sites for people who like a man (or woman) in uniform! At, we're pretty honest about what we're about; we want to unite pretty girls with handsome men, or indeed pretty girls with other pretty girls, and handsome men with other handsome men! And we've attracted some attention since we opened, to say the least... However, we believe that we're the best place for beautiful people to go to be themselves, flirt, date, and maybe meet that special someone. Or someones...

If you've always been told you're good-looking, and especially if you're attractive in an unusual or unconventional way, then could be far more than just a dating site to you. Because we market ourselves exclusively to the cream of the crop, we attract interest from agents and agencies on a regular basis. So discover if you're looking for work as a model, actor or extra, and you might just be discovered right back.

13 September 2011

The beauty of internet dating

More people than ever are choosing internet dating these days as a way to meet someone, or several someones, to flirt, date and have a laugh. There are hundreds of reasons why even fun, attractive young singles might choose to date online, from the fact that it allows you to be a little ruthless and go after what you want painlessly and without being criticised to the fact that you can do it in your PJs after a long, hard day at work! We've all heard plenty of internet dating success stories, but we've also heard stories of the woe, drama and comedy that can come from less-than-successful internet dating encounters. Turns out that those stories aren't just material for Friends and other sitcoms; there really are some genuine dating disasters going on out there!

The big one is those who lie on their profiles. Many of us are tempted to doctor the facts a little when it comes to our favourite literature (Do magazines count!?) and how often we actually sneak a cigarette with the girls from the office, but all-inclusive internet dating sites are full of doctored, way old, or even entirely false profile pictures. Scary stuff!

So don't you owe it to yourself to avoid the disappointment and get straight to the good stuff by joining a dating site whose members look just like their pictures, and are proud of it? We are no hang-ups, no twelve-year-old pics, and no photoshop, guaranteed.

19 September 2011

It's a beautiful world

If people often tell you that you're good looking, handsome or attractive, it's easy to wonder if you aren't meant for better things. Maybe you don't want to model or act, but you've always felt that you're just a little bit extraordinary, while the world, in comparison, can be pretty ordinary. If so, you aren't alone. Whether you're in your twenties or in your forties, you might long to join the glamorous Hollywood worlds of Gossip Girl, the OC, or Desperate Housewives. We understand what it's like to be enticed by glamour, to want to go to the best parties in the best “must have” gear!

If you're looking for more than just romance from your online dating site, then is the one for you. Being surrounded by attractive people is the closest you could come to standing on set in a Hollywood drama where everyone is perfectly made-up and gorgeous... and the best bit of all is that we're real, too! is a ringing endorsement of your looks, if you like that sort of thing, and more importantly can give you access to exclusive parties and events with other members through facebook, through the website, or in person.

You don't have to look for “the one” with us, you can make gorgeous friends for nights on the town, flirt, date and have a laugh instead. The sky's the limit with the glamour of, so why not give us a try? Join us, and get on the V.I.P. list permanently.

27 September 2011

The perfect solution if you are sick of dating failures

Dating can be fun, but if you have had a run of failures, you might be getting a little sick and tired of trying to find that perfect partner. One of the problems may be the way in which you meet your dates.

For example, if you catch their eye in pubs, clubs and so on, you know very little about them apart from what they look like. As you get to know the individuals, you may quickly realise that they are not a good match at all.

The good news is, there is a much savvier way to meet gorgeous, interesting and likeminded people and that is by making use of internet dating services like ours here at

Adopting this approach means you can find out much more about possible partners before you invest time, effort and emotion in the process of going out for dates. Through dating websites, you can chat to people that take your interest, eventually honing in on those you feel you have a real connection with.

The other great thing about internet dating is that it allows you to get to know many more individuals. On dating websites like ours, there is an abundance of members for you to connect with.

So, if your dating approach isn't working, now could be the ideal time to address the problem and rethink your strategy. And our website could be the perfect place for you to start. To find out more, just take a look around the rest of our site.

4 October 2011

No need to dread the festive season with great online dating

Already, winter is drawing nearer and some people are gearing up for the festive season. This point in the calendar tends to divide opinion. Some absolutely love the celebrations and can't wait to hang up the tinsel, make their Christmas card lists and so on, while others dread December 25th and the days around it.

Being single at this time of year can be tough. Seeing all the couples around you enjoying the magic and romance of the period can be hard to take, making you feel particularly lonely.

But the good news is, there is no need to wallow in self-pity. Instead, you can take advantage of the fantastic dating websites now available to help you meet your perfect partner.

Here at, we offer a superb service for those eager to meet attractive, likeminded, fun and interesting people.

Of course, signing up to online dating services does not mean you will immediately find the love of your life. However, it does mean you can start making connections with new people straightaway. This in itself can put you in a much more positive frame of mind and may completely alter the way you view being around loved-up couples over the festive season.

Meanwhile, by arranging social events via dating websites like ours, you can spend more time with fellow singles, rather than being surrounded by couples all the time.

So, now could be the perfect time for you to investigate online dating to see whether or not it could benefit you.

11 October 2011

Internet dating that helps you boost your career

Time these days is precious and you might often feel as though there is simply too little of it in each day. This means it is important that you are savvy when approaching your tasks.

A great example of this is making the most of internet dating while also boosting your career prospects. This may seem a little far-fetched, but we can assure you it isn't. Here at we understand the pressures our members are facing and so by allowing them to meet gorgeous and fun individuals at the same time as checking out what's new in the world of employment, we can help them kill two birds with one stone.

Unlike most other dating sites, we have a special Business Area, in which members can explore new employment opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures.

Meanwhile, our site is also frequented by some of the world's top model scouts, talent agencies and production firms - and they are always on the lookout for attractive people.

Of course, there is the other side of our internet dating site, which focuses on allowing members to connect with likeminded, gorgeous potential partners and possible life-long friends.

So, if you want to make the most of dating sites while also boosting your professional success, you have come to the right place. could be perfect for you and could help you make the changes you have been seeking to achieve in your life.

To find out more, just take a look around the rest of our website.

18 October 2011

Enhance your social life with dating sites

If your social life has taken a dive recently, you might be feeling a little down. After all, you might love nothing more than meeting up with friends, getting to know new people and so on. Don't panic though, you are by no means alone in your problems.

These days, lots of people find themselves in this situation. One common reason is moving to a new area to follow employment opportunities, although there are many other factors that can also play a part.

Whatever the cause of your loneliness, the important thing is you take action to address the issue. It is only be being proactive and seizing the opportunities available to you that you will be able to improve your situation.

One great way of doing this is by joining dating websites like us here at This is a great way to find romance, but it is also ideal as a way of getting to know different people.

Unlike many other dating sites, we provide facilities for people to arrange social gatherings. Some of these are organised by fellow members, while others are staged by us.

Meanwhile, our members also have access to some of the hottest guest lists from the best clubs in their areas and around the world. This sets us apart from many other dating websites.

To find out more about how dating sites like ours may be able to get your social life - and maybe even love life - back on track, just take a look around our website. 

24 October 2011

Internet Dating the Modern Way

With people living increasingly busy lives it can be difficult to meet likeminded individuals to form a lasting connection with. You may not have the time or the energy to go out and seek a mate, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up altogether – internet dating offers the perfect solution, and now there’s an even better way to go about it.

Here at BeautifulPeople we like to think we offer a truly modern approach to online dating. Traditional websites will ask you to search through hundreds of individual profiles, many of whom you won’t even find remotely attractive, but with us you won’t have that problem and you won’t have to waste hours of your day finding someone that appeals. Our unique rating system means that all of our members are truly beautiful people, offering a modern and simple solution to your needs.

We’re the leading internet dating site in this industry and bring attractive men and women together from across the globe, and our way of operating ensures you’ll be spoilt for choice. And, we don’t stop online either – members can find themselves invited to the best parties and the most lavish events to increase the chance of meeting the person that’s right for them, offering a unique take on traditional online dating. So why waste your time anywhere else? If you want to find that special someone that appeals on all levels, come to us and you’ll soon be able to experience the benefits of our online community.

3 November 2011

Why Choose

Internet dating is on the rise, and with so many different websites to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. So why not start with the best? Here at we bring attractive men and women together to increase your chances of finding the perfect match, and here are just a few reasons to give us a go.

  • There’s no need to waste your time with unattractive profiles. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it can’t be denied that traditional dating websites will invariably leave you disappointed. Not so when you come to us. Members are granted access via our unique rating system to increase your chances of finding someone you’re attracted to, and of course, attraction is the first step to lasting romance.
  • You could be invited to exclusive events across the globe. Our community isn’t just a website – it’s a lifestyle. We bring people together offline as well as on, and members will have access to some of the most coveted guest lists available. And, because our site is frequented by model bookers, agencies and talent scouts you could even be “discovered” simply by being on our books.
  • You could increase your chances of finding that special someone. Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it – our success rate speaks for itself. Over 700 couples have married as a result of connecting through, and you could be added to that list.

We’re an internet dating site with a difference. We care about our members and are committed to helping people form lasting connections, so if you’re looking for one of the leading dating websites in the field just come to us and give yourself the best chance of finding love.

10 November 2011

Online Dating With a Difference

Online dating has something of a stigma attached to it, and often for perfectly valid reasons. It can be a nightmare trying to sift through countless profiles of people that don’t interest you, only to find those that do aren’t looking for the same things. It can all seem like far too much hassle for such minimal reward, but that could be a thing of the past – if you come to us you’ll be able to experience online dating with a difference.

We’re not like traditional dating sites and are proud to offer a slightly different take on things. All of our members have been voted in so you can be confident in having access to highly attractive individuals, avoiding that first hurdle that’s often so difficult to overcome with regular dating sites. There’s no need to filter through hundreds of different profiles to find someone that appeals, because with our system you can concentrate on getting to know the person behind the picture.

Finding someone that you’re attracted to is the first step to forming a lasting connection. It’s human nature to seek out attractive mates but in the past it was often difficult to find someone that lived up to expectations, no matter how many sites you consulted, but if you come to us you won’t have to worry. We’ve completely avoided that initial difficulty because everyone is attractive, so take a look around and experience online dating with a difference – you’ll soon be convinced of the benefits.

17 November 2011

Find Your Perfect Match with Dating Websites

Everyone dreams of finding that special someone who they want to spend the rest of their life with, but a lot of the time it’s easier said than done. With everyone being so busy the slightest hint of romance can be overlooked, and finding enough time to really connect with another person can be a huge challenge. That’s why dating websites could be the perfect solution.

Dating sites allow people to search for potential mates at their leisure, offering a simple solution to their needs without the usual pressure and time-constraints. It can be ideal for people that are short on time or even for those that find it difficult to meet people in their day-to-day lives, and when you can search for your perfect partner based on looks and their personality profile you stand a much better chance of meeting someone you’ll actually be able to get along with. It can be the perfect way to meet that special someone, and if you come to us you could stand an even better chance of finding them.

Being attracted to someone is key in any relationship, and that’s why we’re committed to bringing beautiful people together from across the world. We’re one of the leading dating sites in the industry and over 700 couples have married as a result of connecting on our site, so the potential speaks for itself. We wholly believe that dating websites can be the best way to find your perfect match, so increase your chances and sign up today to see who’s waiting for you.

24 November 2011

Preparing for that all important first date

First dates can be full of excitement and anticipation. Meeting up with someone who could turn out to be the love of your life is certainly something to look forward to. However, there are a number of potential pitfalls associated with dating that you might want to avoid.

For example, it's worthwhile thinking very carefully about where the pair of you will meet. Some situations can be too formal and, if this is the first time you have seen each other in person, this can be awkward and stifle your chat. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to avoid posh restaurants and other such places.

Instead of this, it is often better to choose something more relaxed, like a nice bar or informal eatery where there is plenty of background noise and you won't feel so on edge.

Another issue to think about is conversation. If you met the other person via dating websites like ours here at BeautifulPeople, you should know plenty about them and so it can pay off to consider interesting things to ask and discuss before you arrive. After all, under pressure you might struggle for inspiration.

Then of course, to get the most from your dating experiences, it is vital that you feel confident in the way you look. With this in mind, it helps if you plan your outfit in advance and make sure you're happy with it. Last minute wardrobe disasters can leave you feeling flustered and stressed.

Meanwhile, don't put yourself under too much pressure. If it doesn't go well, there are plenty more fish in the sea, especially if you make the most of dating websites.

1 December 2011

Dating just got easier

Dating can be great fun, but like many people you might have had some bad experiences in the past. Meeting people you like is not always easy. After all, finding that spark and connection with someone can be tricky and you might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince - or princess.

However, the world of dating has become easier over recent times thanks to the use of the web. This global network is the perfect way to meet others and to get chatting with them, as well as check out their photos and generally get an idea of what they are all about.

Because of this, you might not have to waste as much time on people who aren't right for you and you don't have to invest as much emotion in the very early stages of getting to know individuals.

You can find out about their interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes and so on by simply communicating with them through cyberspace.

Here at BeautifulPeople, our system is fantastic and by joining us, you can speak to plenty of attractive, fun and interesting people from around the globe.

So, if you are sick of dating disasters, you might benefit from checking out dating websites like ours. We could help turn your fortunes around and before you know it, you might have met that special someone.

And, even if you don't find love at first, your social life could benefit from our online community. Unlike many other dating websites, we arrange special events for members to attend, and people are also free to create their own gatherings and invite others along.

9 December 2011

Internet dating is no longer taboo

In the past, internet dating was something of a taboo subject and people were often embarrassed to admit they took part in such activities. However, as the technology has improved and more individuals have come to realise the advantages of this way of meeting people, this stigma has all but gone.

After all, the world moves on. What is considered fashionable and cool one moment may no longer be the next, and vice versa. The advantages associated with online dating are many and varied and more and more people are coming to see this.

Indeed, you might be among those keen to get involved and check out the possibilities associated with the phenomenon.

One great thing about this activity is the fact that it allows you to connect instantly with attractive and like-minded people within your area and much further afield. This is unlike nights out and other such events, when you will only be able to meet and communicate with a limited number of individuals.

Also, it is convenient. You can surf the web at a time and place that suits you

A rising number of couples around the world have met through internet dating sites and many of these are now married with families, showing that romances which form in this way certainly have the potential to stand the test of time. Indeed, a lot of people owe their current happiness to online dating.

This really is the modern way to meet people - and it is something that should be celebrated and made use of.

17 December 2011

Use the web to its full potential with online dating

The internet has so many uses these days. As technology continues to develop, the possibilities associated with this global network increase and become ever more divergent. You might be among the many individuals who utilise cyberspace to do your shopping, research facts, download entertainment, play games, keep in touch with friends and family members and so on.

However, if you have not yet fully investigated the world of dating websites, you might be missing a trick. After all, these online resources are a fantastic way to meet people and they could provide your social life with the injection of interest you have been looking for.

As long as you choose a top-class online dating resource like ours here at BeautifulPeople, you can make connections with attractive and likeminded people. Many of these may eventually become close friends and there is always the chance you will meet that someone special.

Indeed, dating websites have the potential to alter your life completely.

The fact is, finding love while at work, in your local pubs and clubs and so on may simply not have happened for you. The great thing about cyberspace is the fact that it enables you to come into contact with many more people, raising the possibility that you will find your perfect partner.

So, if you haven't yet made the most of online dating, now is the time to take action and see what this world of romance has to offer. It could transform your fortunes and help you meet the ideal man or woman for you.

23 December 2011

Kick off the new year in style with online dating

So, the festive season has come to an end and your thoughts may have turned to 2012 and what the next 12 months have in store for you. One of your new year's resolutions may be to step up your efforts to find love.

After all, sharing your life with that special someone can make all the difference.

However, it is not easy to know where to start. You might be sick of getting dressed up for nights out with high hopes only to return a few hours and several drinks later disappointed and downhearted. The fact is, meeting your soul mate in a crowded bar is unlikely.

One option that may be perfect for you is online dating. These days, more and more individuals are making use of dating websites. Indeed, the internet is becoming one of the most common ways for couples to meet.

Of course, if you want to achieve the best possible results, it is important that you find a site that is perfect for you.

If you are after attractive, fun and interesting men or women, we might have the perfect solution for you. Here at we understand what people want and that is why we have created a network of gorgeous individuals who all have plenty to offer.

By joining up to our online dating site you can get in touch with these people and within no time, you might have made connections.

As well as boosting your chances of finding love, this is also great as a way of enhancing your social life. To find out more about how dating websites may be able to help you, just take a look around our website.

9 January 2012

How our dating website works

You might be excited about the prospect of joining our internet dating site. After all, is frequented by some of the most interesting and attractive individuals around. When you join us, you can rest assured that the people you are chatting to are gorgeous. This is dating with a difference.

However, you might not understand how exactly our system works. Basically, our community has been founded for the purpose of creating professional and personal relationships and it has been described as an "elite online club where every member works the door".

To become a member of our internet dating site, you have to be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex. This process takes places over 48 hours. During this period you can upload a complimentary profile and you can contact members to provide them with an insight into your character.

Once into our community, you can rest assured that there are plenty of hot and eligible men or women for you to get in touch with.

This is the perfect way to meet gorgeous and interesting people and, as is the beauty of dating like this, you can get in touch with numerous individuals at the same time, meaning there is a greater chance you will strike up that special spark with someone.

So, if you would like to get involved in the most exciting dating site around, just take a look at our website and make your application. Before you know it, you could be dating

17 January 2012

Give your career a boost this January

Dating websites can help people in their search for romance and the internet is the perfect way to meet likeminded and attractive people. However, there are also other benefits to joining such portals.

For example, if you are determined to boost your career, our online dating site may well come in handy. As well as chatting to gorgeous, fun and interesting people, you can also take advantage of certain work-related opportunities. This could be the perfect way to start the new year.

We have special professional networking options, which include our Business Area. This allows you to explore a range of business and employment opportunities. Also, we are frequented by some of the world's leading model scouts, production companies and talent agencies - and who can blame them? After all, where else could you find so many beautiful and talented people in one online location?

And using our online dating site when you are on the lookout for new work is fun as well as being productive. You could make the most of both worlds and find love while you are enhancing your professional life.

When it comes to dating websites, ours stands out in many ways and its ability to bolster people's lives socially and professionally, as well as helping them meet their perfect partner, is part of its appeal.

To find out more about our services and to see if we could help you, simply take a look around our website. We could be just the solution you are looking for. 

17 January 2012

Proof that online dating can enhance your life

If you are looking for that special someone and have not had any luck finding them at work, in bars and clubs, through friends and so on, your thoughts may have turned to online dating. After all, this phenomenon is a growing one and more and more people are turning to the web in search of love.

However, you might be concerned that, while the internet is a convenient and fun way to get to know others, it is not that effective when it comes to establishing long-term romances. But the truth is, you couldn't be further from the truth.

Dating of this kind is a fantastic way to meet possible suitors and it is well worth trying it out, especially if you opt for a fab site like ours here at

Since we were founded, more than 700 couples have got married after meeting via our portal. Since marriage is the pinnacle of commitment and love, this just goes to show how good our website is when it comes to meeting your perfect match.

Meanwhile, thousands of people have entered into committed relationships thanks to our site and many have gone on to start families.

The fact is, because of our online dating system, all our members are attractive and so there is plenty of chemistry between users. This increases the likelihood that individuals will find their perfect partner.

So, why not try dating our way? In a short while, you could be joining our ever lengthening list of happy customers.

23 January 2012

Beautiful women vote stragegically is the largest dating community of exclusively beautiful men and women.

To be voted into, beautiful hopefuls must be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex. When the dating site first launched the voting was open to everyone regardless of sex, opposite sex voting alone was introduced 6 months later. It was quickly realized that there was an inherent flaw in the original concept. The flaw being that members when voting on their own sex would vote strategically and vote other beautiful member’s out - it seems they did not like the competition. Although both men and women were guilty of this competitive voting strategy, it was most prevalent among women with in excess of 45% of female members (more than double men) voting strategically and voting other attractive women off the 'beautiful Island'.

As a business model this did not work with the attrition rate of failed applicants to the dating site being far in excess of what they should have been. It just goes to show that the dating world is fiercely competitive nowhere more so than on where everyone is beautiful.

3 April 2012 Rating


Beauty is subjective and truly lies in the eye of the beholder. No one person can define beauty for a society which is why BeautifulPeople has given the power to the members to define beauty in a fair and democratic way. is a fascinating sociological experiment; by essentially democratizing beauty, fascinating insights are given to how different countries and cultures perceive Beauty. What is considered beautiful in Asia for example is very different to what is considered beautiful in western cultures. as a dating site takes all of these trends in beauty into consideration through its peer selection community. through this democratic rating process provides for the first time a community of exclusively beautiful people as voted on by the people. BeautifulPeople the dating site not only connects attractive men and women but also gives an accurate representation of what society’s ideal of Beauty is.

10 May 2012

What do men really want…? Who cares!


We see article after article about what women want in a relationship.

What about what men want?

It’s as if we have been catalogued and written off as a basic 8th grade science project, given a footnote reading: Driven by sex, motivated by sex, works for sex and spends most of its time thinking about sex — nothing else notable observed. Then we are relegated to an old, dusty shelf in a basement next to a book about amoeba. Yes, the footnote reads true, we like sex, but there is a little more to us…

Women make the same mistakes in relationships with men over and over again because they have not properly studied us, which is just bloody lazy if you think about it.

I have spent my entire life studying women, as have most men. I find them wonderfully fascinating. So why don’t the majority of women use their “emotional intelligence” to understand the deeper meaning of male behavior? Yes, men are emotional creatures as well; do we not warrant some clever thought from our female counterparts?

There are a few exceptions; some women have mastered what men really want and for the most part are happily married, on their way to being or nicely in control of their relationships. To that, I say, “Great, you’re more in tune than 99 percent of your gender.”

Men are not overly complicated — certainly we are simpler than our fairer sex, but we do warrant some conscious thought, ladies. Instead of writing men off as assholes, bastards, and douche bags at the first sign of untoward behavior, you should perhaps work harder at understanding us.

Failing to do so leads women to end up alone and bitter or unhappily not alone and it can be ruinous to men.

Often what women fall in love with in men becomes the very thing they fear and wish to tame. I have seen it happen; it’s a sad sight watching a friend crumble like Humpty Dumpty. A woman falls in love with a confident man, then becomes threatened by that very same confidence. She feels flung out on stormy seas, so she begins to slowly and methodically cut him down to a manageable size in order to gain control and find her way back to a “safe” port. Bright, funny, successful, socially competent men become meek, apologetic, ruined boys, shells of their former selves. They become doormats. Of course, once he has become a manageable doormat, the woman will no doubt leave him for another man — the type of man he used to be. No woman wants a weak man for any period of time. Or a happier ending: He escapes the witch and finds a woman who makes him feel good. Either way, it’s a lose-lose scenario.

Don’t get me wrong — taking men down a peg or two is necessary on occasion; my wife has needed to do just that over the years, and she does it very well. But remember the stop button, ladies — cutting us off at the knees is not helpful to you. You don’t want to break us; if we are broken, we don’t work.

You must empower us to fully devote to you and here’s how you do it.

 One word: HERO. It’s that simple. Men want to be heroes. Men project that need and desire onto women in order for them to live out their hero fantasies. Certainly, as men, we all go about it in different ways — we are all very different people — but we share this one unquenchable desire. It’s simple, let your man be a hero every now and then, even if he is not feeling that heroic, even if you have to act. Remember, it’s that fleeting expression, that look of trust and admiration, that passing gesture, those few words that make us feel like your heroes.

So much is satisfied in men if you empower them to feel like heroes. You will reap the benefits.

Take the marriage proposal, for example; do women know what it means to men? If women actually knew what excited men about a marriage proposal, they would not so readily pressure men into proposing. Pressure backfires. Be clever, ladies. As silly or chauvinistic as it may sound to you, it’s our chance to be a hero. To sweep in on our white steed, fight off and slay the fire-breathing dragons and save you. It may seem silly and childish, but all men have a little Peter Pan in us, or maybe better put, a little Don Quixote — so why not let us enjoy it? Once a man feels pressure to propose, he is no longer a hero, he is an anti hero. He does not act on his own valiant free will to save the damsel in distress, he is the stable hand ordered to build a stable from straw. We dream about being your heroes, so let us.

I acknowledge we can be a little dim and do need subtle cues to let us know the timing is right, but does it really hurt to let us believe it was our idea?

Men want to be heroes — that is the fundamental, overarching premise to remember. If you keep that in mind, you are halfway to being in a successful relationship. Romance begins when two fairy tales collide when we surrender to the fantasy our partner has of us and it matches our idealised version of ourselves.

Do men really believe that clever Cinderella “accidentally” left her glass slipper on the night of the ball? Oh please... it was strategically left as a calling card for the prince. Was Sleeping Beauty really asleep? Hell no, that wench was pretending! But they both won their princes. Why? Because they made them feel like heroes. We don’t burst your bubble, so don’t burst ours.

Empowering your man to feel like a hero is empowering your man to be your hero.


21 August 2012

Democrats More Beautiful Then Republicans


Democrats are More Beautiful than Republicans

Sarah Palin nabs top spot despite overall poor showing by Republicans in the largest Political Beauty Poll in history

Thousands of Americans prepared for the upcoming presidential election by voting for politicians... based solely on looks. The exclusive online dating community,, provided a list of political heavyweights and told voters to choose the most beautiful and more than 57,000 people responded.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) eked out a win with 64% favorable votes over former president Bill Clinton (D), a stunning contender, who slid into the second-most beautiful position only one percentage point behind Palin. Despite his close loss, Bill Clinton did come out seven slots and 23% ahead of his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D). Overall, voters determined Democrats were more attractive, with a 39% average favorable vote, compared with the Republicans' average score of just 31% favorable.

Of the current presidential candidates, President Barack Obama (D) came in fourth, with a 57% favorable vote, with former Mass. Gov. and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney (R) three slots behind at seventh, with 42% in favor.

"It's no secret that politicians can be disingenuous, however this election season has seen a litany of falsehoods from both parties," said Greg Hodge, Managing Director of "We asked voters to get past the flawed characters of our political officials and vote purely on aesthetics — that Sarah Palin took top spot clearly indicates voters were able to do just that."

Not faring quite so well were Newt Gingrich, with 14%, Chris Christie with 9%, and Barney Frank and John McCain, who tied for the ugliest spot with just 8% of voters giving them a favorable vote.

Surprisingly, John Boehner made fifth place with 54% whilst former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi ranked a disappointing sixteenth place, the lowest of our female politicians, with just a 24% favorable rating.

Greg Hodge continued, "Sick of the rhetoric about abortion rights and the economy? Vote for beauty. At least when politicians lie to you they will look good doing it."

The Top 10 most attractive politicians are:


% favorable vote

Sarah Palin (R)


Bill Clinton (D)


Gavin Newsom (D)


Barack Obama (D)


John Boehner (R)


Paul Ryan (R)


Mitt Romney (R)


Joe Biden (D)


Hillary Clinton (D)


Joe Kennedy (D)


The Top 10 ugliest politicians are:


% favorable vote

Barney Frank (D)


John McCain (R)


Chris Christie (R)


Newt Gingrich (R)


Ron Paul (R)


Nancy Pelosi (D)


John Edwards (D)


George Bush (R)


Al Gore (D)


Michele Bachmann (R)


The poll, which was open to the public, employed a rating system similar to the one members of use to approve applicants who wish to join their exclusive gated community.

Link to download politician's ratings:


Acceptance to the website is a purely democratic process, with existing members voting beautiful hopefuls in or out. Potential members submit a picture of themselves and profile information and existing members of the opposite sex then vote on them over a 48 hour period. If successful they have exclusive access to a dating site where the one thing they can guarantee is that everyone is good looking and they don't have to filter through riff raff. is the largest community of attractive people in the world representing almost every ethnic and cultural background. There have been over 650 marriages through unions founded on and thousands of beautiful babies born.


22 September 2012

Expert Dating Advice Available

Many online daters have become disillusioned with mainstream dating websites - it can be an uphill battle trying to find an attractive partner, while fielding off advances from men and women you would not give a chance to in the real world. Most sites allow anyone to join and offer little in the way of filters based on desirable physical appearance. Although many people might not care to admit it, physical attraction is a very important aspect of any relationship, and using dating websites which fail to recognize this criterion makes the task of finding that special someone much harder. It’s like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. BeautifulPeople has removed this hurdle by creating a dating community of aesthetically desirable singles through a democratic voting process, but how to navigate this lookist community to find a person who is as beautiful on the inside?

Once you have found you ideal match at least physically, how do we navigate the nuanced behavior, the minefield to uncover the character behind the attractive person. Online daters need access to expert advice it’s that simple. You do not buy a car or a house without having it reviewed by an expert, yet we are willing to blindly stumble into relationships and expose our selves emotionally without any expert advice at all!

Imagine having all the leading experts in dating and relationships in one room to help guide you to be a successful online dater; rather than stumbling from one bad experience to another. One site that holds all these experts in one room and offers poignant, free and intuitive advice on all things dating is

Don’t stumble blindly around the virtual dating world. Seek knowledge and learn to navigate these story seas. Visit DatingAdvice and give yourself a dating edge.

The team at are open minded, knowledgeable and offer a wealth of information and tips on how to become a successful online dater. If it’s the fairytale you are searching for you should be armed with knowledge in your quest.

Here is a recent article written by one of their team Hayley Mathews on

Take a look around the website and pull from the wealth of knowledge available at your finger tips.

6 January 2016
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