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"Bring your friends along"

Date added : 10 June 2011

Like almost anything in life, dating websites are more fun with friends around. It's great to have someone you already know to gossip with and the opinion of a good friend can come in handy in more than one way. Your friends will be able to tweak your profile in directions you might not have thought of and they'll be able to pick out photos that make you look more attractive.

Sharing opinions on potential online dating partners is also fun. If you're not sure about a match one way or the other, asking a friend is the ideal way forward. They can help you make up your mind and may spot something you didn't think of, positive or negative.

Two friends using the same dating websites can also double date when it comes time to meet up in person. That makes the process of meeting strangers much safer and it takes some of the pressure off. You can be sure that you'll get along with at least one person on your big night out, and having a friend along is a great idea for shy men and women, just to provide a little extra moral support.

So if you're thinking about online dating, why not team up with one or two single friends and try it together? Even if none of you finds the love of their life, you'll still have a good time and have plenty to talk about. There is nothing to lose, so ask your friends and see who is interested in joining up with you.

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