Imagine a dating community where EVERYONE is actually beautiful…


"Celebrating physical attraction"

Date added : 14 August 2011 is an online dating phenomenon that is focussed solely on the social, romantic and interactive needs of people who are judged by their peers to be physically good-looking. It is the first global networking website of its kind to offer membership to an exclusively beautiful community.

BeautifulPeople came into being after it became clear that people that physically attractive people were getting increasingly frustrated with traditional online dating sites when trying to find a suitably attractive partner. These sites had no restrictions regarding physical appearance yet had next to no amenities available for users to search through potential partners based on their looks. Despite what many people may choose to say out loud, physical attraction is essential when looking for a romantic relationship, so it was only natural that a dating website should be made available that celebrated the importance of this integral aspect. And so, BeautifulPeople came into being in Denmark in 2001 and since then it has developed into a globally recognised phenomenon that now has over 750,000 members.

Application and benefits

The BeautifulPeople application process really is very straightforward. Potential members simply submit a photo and profile, and then let existing members of the opposite sex vote in a 48 hour process to determine whether or not they find the applicant ‘beautiful’ or not. Once an applicant has been accepted, they gain access to a wealth of dating and networking opportunities such as exclusive parties and business events.

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