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"Dating your way"

Date added : 4 September 2011

More people than ever before are taking the plunge and making the choice to look for potential partners using dating sites. Many emerge as success stories, while many more just enjoy the chance to flirt, date and have fun. However, there is a still a certain stigma attached to dating websites. With people submitting old, too-flattering or simply false pictures and anyone at all permitted to join, there is a feeling among young, good-looking singles that dating websites are entirely too non-exclusive, leading to a free-for-all. This suggests that people who like to date online do so because they couldn't meet anyone in the real world, or to be clear; face-to-face. This simply isn't the case. Plenty of attractive, intelligent sociable people use dating websites to broaden the net a little when searching, because they don't have time to play the numbers game due to job pressure, or simply because it can be great fun.

Here at, we've changed the rules. Our dating website is for great looking men and women only, meaning that like meets like, and hopefully everyone goes away happy. We're right for you if you've always been complimented on your looks and want to narrow the field without seeming unkind or unfair. After all, isn't it your choice?

So why not join us today? We're sure you'll make the cut, and that means you'll then have the chance to vote aspiring members in or out, meaning that you'll be helping us to keep dating the way it should be: beautiful.

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