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"Dont Waste Your Time Be Intelligent About Internet Dating"

Date added : 28 July 2011

If the world of dating is scary, the world of internet dating is even more petrifying. In a forum where anybody can be whatever they choose, websites devoted to Would Like To Meets can become potentially perilous places indeed.

Online identities are not infallible and we have all heard horror stories of individuals using photographs of themselves from over fifteen years ago to promote themselves. At we hope to eliminate this kind of false advertising and encourage a what you see is what you get environment for attractive individuals.

So how can we promise that all you’ll find on our site are the aesthetically gifted? It’s simple. We let our existing users decide who should be permitted access to our active, interactive community, bringing democracy to dating with a voting system which determines who is in and who is out. Applying is free and straightforward.

You can stick with the basics, simply inputting your gender, location, orientation, height, weight, eye colour and other essentials, or elaborate further by embellishing your profile with details about your literary and cinematic favourites, for example.

In our society, time is precious. Busy with work and other commitments, you may only be able to afford a few minutes’ browsing on internet dating communities each day. By ensuring that you are signed up to a site with only other attractive people, you can avoid wasting time scrolling through people who may not interest you. Similarly, you can also escape the barrage of unreturned interest which can become overwhelming on more open sites. 

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