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Date added : 20 July 2011

Social networking has been steadily on the rise throughout the last decade, turning ‘log in time’ into a pivotal part of the day for thousands. A variety of sites have brought this method of communication to the fore, with pages which connect professional who work in the same field, those offering forums for like-minded individuals, those which bring friends together from across oceans, to the innovative internet dating revolution.

Of course, the beauty of the internet’s abundance can also be its curse, and sometimes, quieter places to exist online are preferable. Signing up to open sites can end with you being bombarded with spam messages, joke offers and more from time-wasters, whether you are looking for a business partner, an old friend, or a new partner.

Sites like Beautiful People can make it easier to sift through this nonsense, found frustratingly often online. Different to other dating sites, we offer a more discerning environment to our users. Not only this, but our site has become a hotspot for sassy, savvy networkers. The principle is a simple one. When you sign up to our site, you are not automatically granted access to thousands of singles as some dating sites promise (or their hundreds of timewasters, as they forget to mention), but put through a straight forward voting process.

To try our new take on internet dating and networking sites, upload your image and fill out your details. If our existing users would like to get to know you better: you’re in!

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