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"Honest online dating"

Date added : 28 June 2011

It can be quite tempting to bend the truth a little sometimes, and on dating sites that's doubly true. After all, who will know if a guy adds a couple of inches to his height or a woman uses a picture that's a few years old and no longer quite so accurate?

The answer is nobody when you first start out in the online dating world, but sooner or later it'll be time to move off the internet and into the real world. Then there is no way to hide the truth, and worse, you'll have to own up to the deception. A little white lie or two may not seem like much, but in the early stages of any relationship trust is vitally important.

The last thing you want to do is spend hours chatting with someone online, getting to know them and (sort of) letting them get to know you, only to meet up and show them something they weren't quite expecting. It's no good investing time and emotional energy in online dating only to encounter problems when you meet up in the real world.

Being completely honest on dating sites is a good policy. Don't sell yourself short but don't build yourself up too much either. It'll save you from wasting time with people who aren't interested in the real you, and when Mr or Mrs Right does come along, being honest from day one gives you the best chance of a stable and fulfilling long-term relationship.

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