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"Internet dating and compromise"

Date added : 14 June 2011

Every woman would like to find a gorgeous guy with a great car, a highly-paid job, gleaming muscles, perfect hair, a generous nature and a wonderful sense of humour. Every guy wants a beautiful woman with an incredible sense of style and sophistication. Everyone would love a partner who likes the same kind of music and has the same favourite food, but, as our mothers always say, nobody is perfect. Finding someone who ticks all those boxes isn't easy.

Just how much should you compromise your idea of the perfect partner? One of the great advantages to using dating sites is that there are thousands of potential mates to choose from. The more people there are, the more likely it is that the perfect guy or girl will be in the mix somewhere.

The first few profiles you see on dating sites probably won't be absolutely everything you want in a partner - or at least, they won't appear to be. However, you should always remember that internet dating profiles aren't the whole story. A person's profile may not do them justice, and by skipping over it you might lose the chance to find out that the owner is incredibly funny or that they've always wanted to travel to Paris, just like you.

There is no need to compromise when internet dating, but it is important to give people a chance. If in doubt, send a message and see what happens. If the reply isn't what you hoped for, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

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