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"The beauty of internet dating"

Date added : 19 September 2011

More people than ever are choosing internet dating these days as a way to meet someone, or several someones, to flirt, date and have a laugh. There are hundreds of reasons why even fun, attractive young singles might choose to date online, from the fact that it allows you to be a little ruthless and go after what you want painlessly and without being criticised to the fact that you can do it in your PJs after a long, hard day at work! We've all heard plenty of internet dating success stories, but we've also heard stories of the woe, drama and comedy that can come from less-than-successful internet dating encounters. Turns out that those stories aren't just material for Friends and other sitcoms; there really are some genuine dating disasters going on out there!

The big one is those who lie on their profiles. Many of us are tempted to doctor the facts a little when it comes to our favourite literature (Do magazines count!?) and how often we actually sneak a cigarette with the girls from the office, but all-inclusive internet dating sites are full of doctored, way old, or even entirely false profile pictures. Scary stuff!

So don't you owe it to yourself to avoid the disappointment and get straight to the good stuff by joining a dating site whose members look just like their pictures, and are proud of it? We are no hang-ups, no twelve-year-old pics, and no photoshop, guaranteed.

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